the rules

1. Celebration of parties or meetings in properties, timetables, noise from TV and radio sets.
The occupants will try not to disturb other residents and therefore will keep the noise level to a minimum. The TV and radios noise levels should be kept at the legal level set up by the authorities and the limit for any noise will be 24.00 hours.

2. Cloths hanging over balconies and windows

It is not allowed to hang clothes over the balconies and windows, the proper clothes-lines must be used. It is also forbidden to hang any object over the balconies, although plants can be fitted if they are secured.

3. Awnings, colour, model

To keep the aesthetic of the building the awning must respect the facade colours or the natural colours.

4. Conservatories, color, model

Conservatories can be fitted in the appropriate areas of the houses always with transparent glass. If aluminium is used it must be white. Other coloured glass is not permitted.

Conservatories are allowed to be built on roof terraces only if the owner has an authority from Ayuntamiento de Orihuela with an approval by the Community. Roof and walls have to be movable glass (Obra menor and community approval are required). Facades, railings and gates ae allowed to be painted with standardized paint.

5. Air conditioning units

It is recommended to use the proper fittings for these units in your property and to make sure they are isolated so they do not make noise that could disturb the residents.

6. Access to communal properties by owner and strangers

The access to all the communal areas must be made though the existing gates using the key. Residents must make sure that the gates are kept locked at all times. The handles will be removed and warning signs will be fixed. Access via Main entrance with code 1251#.

7. Pets in communal areas

Pets are not allowed in the pool are, the Social club and the Fitness area. Pets must always be on a leash inside of the community. Feeding of animals is prohibited in the general area.

8. Rubbish disposal and communal areas

To avoid smell and infestations the household rubbish cannot be disposed in the community bin (one in the pool area). All garbage have to be disposed in the public grey bins outside the community. 

9. Use of the pool area, exclusivity, limitations

There is an exclusive right of use of the pool for the owners and renters of the community. The owner is responsible of any damage caused by their renters/visitors in communal areas. It is forbidden to swim nude. The pool opening hours are between 7.00 AM and 10.00 PM.

10. Use of inflatables and ball games

The inflatables are not allowed due to drowning and bacteria spread in the pool. Applies to all except small children, if parents watch out their children and few people are in the pool and the disabled. It is not permitted to play any ball or sports.

11. Pool area

All children must be always accompanied by an adult in the pool area and wear waterproof swimsuits if they use diapers. The food is allowed if the pool area is kept clean and tidy; it is not permitted to bring glass or sharp containers into the pool area. It is forbidden to fit parasols in the garden area. In the pool entry there will be a sign with the pool regulations.

12. Fines

Fines can be charged to the owners of the properties if these rules are not fulfilled.

13. Social Club and Fitness cente

Booking of private parties etc in Social club is done by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or inform Christina Berardi in no. 45. All who book Social club undertake to clean the room, the fridge, the micro, and the toilets. Community rules have been given to all owners via email/ written paper. 

Children under 15 are allowed in the Fitness Center under adult supervision.

14. All damages in the facilities

Report all damages to one the board members so actions can be taken.

15. Postboxes                                                                                                  The  identification of the owners must be the same in all the boxes. It is not allowed to put advertising pamphlets in the boxes; there will be a special box for this purpose.

16. Aerials/Satellite discs in terraces

Installation of aerials/discs in the terraces or roof of the properties are not allowed; the reception of international channels will be through the existing communal system or by optical fiber connection. Private solar panels can be installed outside your property if not interfering with your neighbors view and property (Obra menor / mayor and community approval are required).

17. Distribution of AGM notices, minutes, letters, newsletters, notifications, requirements 

All above will be sent out by the administrator via email with a link to Zeniamar 9 webpage to all owners. Owners have own responsibility to update the administrator when change of email.

18. The officer’s positions will be obligatory unless the owner has a main reason to resign.

19. The payment of community fees                                                              If community fees and extra ordinary payment not are paid in due time, we will take immediate action. If, despite reminders, we do not receive payments, we will take legal actions. Owners have own responsibility to update the administrator when change of bank account.

20. Biking in the community

Biking in the community is strictly forbidden

21. Garage

The garage spaces are only for parking vehicles; it is forbidden to wash the car there. Extinguishes must be placed in visible places in agreement with the regulations and must not be blocked.

22. Cypresses and trees                                                                                  Cypresses should be trimmed and be inside the railings. Maximum height for cypresses is 1,80 m from your garden level. Trees must not shade any other gardens or properties, however, maximum height for trees is 3 meters in private gardens.

23. Smoking and other drugs are prohibited in community areas                No smoking is permitted in the pool area, the Social club, the Fitness center and the paths in our community. In case of suspicion that drugs are used and / or sold from a home, a report will be made directly to the police.

24. Use of our facilities

All owners who pay community fees have the right to use our facilities such as the pool, the Social club and he Fitness center.

25. Installation of solar panels

Owners are allowed to install solar panels, however, not on the house facades, dazzle or obscure the view of other owners. Community approval needs before applying for obra menor.

26. Investments on the outside of your property

When the owner wishes to make an investment on the outside of their property, the following form must be filled in and submitted to the board for approval and including permission from the Town Hall.

Authorization template

27. Installation of electric car chargers in the garage

Garage owners has premission to install their owner car charger in the garage to own cost and insurance.

28. Handling of motions to AGM differs from handling a questions to the AGM

A motion must contain a description, impact analysis, cost, etc. which allows owners to vote for or against the proposal. The deadline for a motion is December 31 to be included in the Annual General Meeting in April. A question is in the agenda under the item Other and cannot be voted on. Here is a detailed description of motions.




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