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Fantastic, recently renovated, property for sale in Zeniamar IX!

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and, best of all, a wonderful glazed terrace with SOUTH-FACING LOCATION!

The terrace offers plenty of sunshine from morning until evening. Here you can spend many sunny days throughout the winter and feel the warming sunshine! If you are going to spend the winter in Spain, it is very important that the apartment has a south facing position, preferably with a glazed terrace, so that you can take advantage of the solar heat. Otherwise, it can easily get both cold and humid indoors.
Contact the owner directly:
+34 695 900 771 (WhatsApp)
Send a message if no answer.
Now our pool garden is as its most beautiful and togehter with the well-kept pool it is extra nice. It is sa that we cannot stay there due to the state of alarm.
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Good to know in our urbanisation
Optical fibers
Optical fiber is provided by Ole Communicacion, Carratera de Villamartin 2, 03189 Orihuela Costa. No othr supplier can be connected to our urbanisation
Water boiler & tank
If your water boiler breaks down you can quickly get help from Fereteria in La Florida.
The water tank, with hot water from the solar cells, located under the water boiler can be changed by Mileniun Levante's plumber, if needed.
Wall paint
The color paint for indoor walls is
The white outdoor stair case paint is 

Agrupacion Electores Orihuela Costa 2019

Today we were invited to attend to the first official meeting by the association AE ORIHUELA COSTA 2019. The aim is to get back more of all taxes paid as approx. 80% of the money goes to Orihuela. Orihuela Costa sold some land to be able to maintain roads, parks, schools, etc as this has been neglected in the last five years. Only a minor part was given back to our community. Promises on investments have been broken time after time and now enough is enough.

Also we have no health care center, no culture house as cinema, theatre, library, etc, no elderly and child care, no bus station, no bus stop shelters, limited social care, messy streets and so on.

The association showed a video on how it looks like on the streets, with dirt, weeds, bins and flooding in Orihuela Costa compared with how it looks like in Orihuela. 

We will soon get further information on the territory area, number of people living here, etc. 

We who were interested in knowing more and getting a change, signed an application. Are you also interested in getting a change please contact me? 

The President 

Zeniamar 9

Christina Berardi


Property no. 132 is sold 

The property, no. 132, is for sale with a balcony towards the Social club and with a roof terrace. The balcony has sunshine from morning to afternoon and sun all the day on the roof terrace.


The property consist of a kitchen a lounge, two bedrooms whereof one on-suite on the second floor and on the third floor there is a open bedroom with a shower and toilet.  Three new Panasonic air conditions have recently been installed.

The owners are the first and only owners of the property and they have used the apartment very little during the period since they bought it. Please contact the owner direct via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Are you interested in buying a property in Zeniamar 9?

There is one for sale on second floor near the pool with roof terrace. Kitchen lounge, three bedrooms whereof one en-suite and additional bathroom.

Please contact Mika Vacker, propery no. 22

Phone +358505347797

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Email: IMG 4176


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